Your most important hour is not at the office. 

Buck Jacobs, founder of The C12 Group, offers a life-changing method in his new book, The Most Important Hour, for a daily quiet time that brings increased joy, wisdom, and intimacy with God.


"If I knew that I would never be allowed to speak or to teach again, this would be my final message: spend the first hour of each day with God." 

Buck Jacobs, 

Founder of The C12 Group

Jacobs started this daily discipline more than 30 years ago and has since revolutionized countless lives as he passionately encouraged others to join him. It is through daily abiding that God can shape people into who He has created them to be and equip them to do the work He has given them to do.


Counting your blessings cultivates a life of gratitude. It centers us to celebrate what we do have instead of focus on what we don't.  


Daily scripture reading keeps us in tune with the voice of Jesus. Thoughtful exposure to God’s Word over time produces a cumulative effect we can’t measure. 


Consistent quiet time allows us 

to live as closely as we humans can to the center of the “narrow way,” God’s will and plan for our lives.

"I would say I couldn't be a wife, mother, and CEO of 260 employees today without prioritizing my time with the Lord. I would be afraid to run a business and make decisions without it."

Lilian Radke
CEO, Unic Pro.

"Not a day goes by now that I do not spend at least an hour with my precious Lord and Savior. Thank you, again, for helping me and others get on a joyful morning routine with our Lord."

 Dale Tincher
President and CEO, Consultwebs

Written with special consideration to business leaders, The Most Important Hour makes a great gift for friends, family, and workplace peers.


The method, which Jacobs learned and adapted from renowned Christians like Hudson Taylor and George Müller, is to spend the first hour of each day with God—recording blessings, reading the Bible, meditating, praying, asking God questions, and listening for Him to speak.